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Best Updates Prodigy Game

Best Updates Prodigy Game

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What are some of the new features that we have to look forward to in the next Prodigy Math Game update?


We have some exciting features coming up in the next update that have been designed to help you do your best at the game.


-We've improved the way that you log into the game to make it easier than ever.


-We've made it easier to find friends and send them a request to play Prodigy Math Game with you.


-We've added new achievements to the game so you can collect them and see how you rank against other players.


-We've also added an in-game hint feature so that if you get stuck on a problem, we'll give you a hint so that you can keep on playing.


-We're also adding a new form of currency to the game that will allow you to purchase items from the marketplace with coins, and not just with gems.


-We're also adding a new way to play the game that lets you choose which side you want to do the math problems.


We hope you're as excited as we are about these new features and can't wait to share them with you.

10 Aug 2023